We help multiple customers increase their bottom line with just in time delivery.  Using blanket purchase orders or a forecast we have product ready to ship when you or your customer needs it.  We can blind ship to multiple addresses at one time for product launches or marketing campaigns.  We have sourced additional items for our customers, assembled, packaged and created instructions for the end user.  One example is a Cold head Transport Kit we assembled for GE Healthcare’s mobile MR units.  Inside the MRI machine, there's a cooling system with hundreds of liters of liquid helium keeping the magnet cool. Inside that cooling system there is a part called a cold head that re-condenses that helium gas to prevent it from burning off entirely. At some point in time that cold head has to be replaced.  

We designed and constructed the custom padded bag to hold the cold head while it is being removed and replaced in the mobile MR unit.  The bag had to be capable of carrying the cold head inside it while traveling along a 12’ length of stainless steel C-channel track.  We purchased all the necessary components, pre-assembled the bag, rope and swivel clip, transport rail and couplings, modified the C-channel with end stops and five mounting plates and packed it all into a shipping carton with instructions on how to assemble it on site.