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LJ Design & Manufacturing - Custom Sewing Product Highlight

Posted by LJ Design & Manufacturing on Jan 6, 2022 7:31:47 AM
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Product Highlight - LJ Design & Manufacturing Custom Sewing project

Can you guess what this prototype will be?

Hint: Watch the stars inside.

The LJ Design & Manufacturing engineering team is currently working on a planetarium project!  The photo shows the prototype of the planetarium. The Planetarium will be used in a Museum and we will manufacture multiple units in a variety of sizes. The final product will be manufactured with a white fabric on the outside and black on the inside for easy star gazing. The inside surface will be an 18ft diameter half sphere.  We developed this prototype by using a combination of real world frame measurements, Solidworks models and Draftsight for flat pattern modification in order to cut these pieces on our Pathfinder.  

 LJ Design & Manufacturing specializes in custom sewing projects. Contact our team to discuss your soft goods product and learn more about our capabilities.  




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