Save Time, Money & Receive Precisely Cut Fabric

Fabric die cutting allows for virtually any shape to be cut with consistency and accuracy. Our textile die cutting services can be used as part of your company’s overall contract sewing project, or if die cutting is all you need, we can quote it as a standalone service. Whether you need us to make dies for your project or you already have them, we’ll deliver high-quality, consistent die-cut products.

Our flatbed die cutting services use steel-rule or forged dies to precisely cut your custom shapes from sheets or rolls of material.

Most textile products can be die cut in stacks, vastly decreasing the time it takes to finish your project. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, our cutting machines can cut more than 20 layers at one time, saving time, money and delivering a precisely cut piece of fabric.

CNC fabric cutting, programmable fabric cutting services maximize material yield by using an algorithm to nest (arrange) many of the same shape, or several different shapes on the raw material size.

We employ skilled sewers and machine operators who are committed to delivering quality products to our customers. We specialize in sewing projects for OEMS in non-apparel markets. Contact our team to discuss your custom sewn product.

fabric die cutting