Promotion of George Konstantakis to President, Dean Pecard to Board

Milwaukee, WI: January 11, 2022, Laacke & Joys Design and Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce the promotion of George Konstantakis to President. George will succeed Dean Pecard who has been promoted to the Board of the company.

“George’s background as a past company owner and President of a new product development and engineering company, fits perfectly with our vision and direction of Laacke & Joys. George’s background as a leader and his desire to grow our company by innovation and overcoming the challenges that we all will be facing in the next decade are both assuring and exciting,” explains Marsha Mather, CEO of Laacke & Joys.

George explains, “I have a passion for brands with longevity, purpose, and breadth. Laacke & Joys is an organization with such a brand. I believe that creativity, product development and manufacturing are the USA’s core competencies and competitive advantage on a world scale.” George co-founded Ingenium Product Development in 1997 and helped broker the merger with the Brooks Stevens Company in 2007. He served as President of Brooks Stevens from 2010 through 2020. He joined Laacke & Joys Company in 2021 as Director of New Product Development.

Dean Pecard has been elevated to a board member, as a result of his forty-six years of history with the company. He has been responsible for the growth of the company from a start-up to the robust company it is today. His insights and skills in developing new markets and accepting the challenges of adding companies has been critical to our history and our future.

Photo: Dean Pecard and George Konstantakis