Technical sewing for medical products is one of our specialties. We work with leading healthcare suppliers and OEMs to manufacturer complex, sewn medical products. Using this wealth of experience, we have designed our own line of healthcare pads for imaging, comfort, and support. Easily order ear pods, wedge pads, triangle pads, bore pads, and table pads. For high-volume orders, the pads can be customized to suit your precise needs.

For custom sewn projects, we design and manufacture MRI coil padstherapeutic garmentsbody braces and much more. We understand that the performance of your products is vital in the field, and our quality standards will deliver a medical product that exceeds expectations.

LJ Design & Manufacturing strives for continual improvement. Our manufacturing floor offers the latest sewing and cutting equipment and our skilled sewers have been team members for many years. Knowing that we can offer a full solution of design, engineering and high quality manufacturing, we look for the projects that require technical and precise sewing capabilities.

LJ Design & Manufacturing is located in Milwaukee, WI, USA and we work with OEMS across the globe. We design, engineer, manufacture, warehouse and ship custom sewn products. The company has been in business since 1844 and is one of the oldest companies in the city. Our dedication to the customer and dedication to providing quality products has enabled growth for over 175 years.

Contact our sales team to discuss your project and learn more about our LJ Design & Manufacturing. Contact us at 262-777-2280 or complete our form to Request a Quote. We look forward to working with you.