Project Description


A major supplier of scaffolding uses electric and air-powered traction hoists with capacities to 1500 pounds on the systems they rent and sell. The hoist mechanisms and motors are exposed to the same environment as the scaffolding. If the job is sand blasting a building, pressure washing bridge supports, painting a structure, the hoist could malfunction if not protected from all the fallout and debris.


We made a protective reinforced vinyl cover that keeps the hoists clean and running while in use under adverse conditions. We put a clear vinyl window in the cover so the operator could see the controls and silk screened instructions on the outside so the cover could remain on while the hoist is in use.


The expensive hoist is protected and kept in good running condition while the cover takes all the abuse. Repairs to the hoists and down time on jobs are kept to a minimum, while the inexpensive cover is simply replaced when it has worn out.