Project Description


Our customer, Clinical MR Solutions developed a unique MRI coil with a large enough opening to accommodate interventional procedures while in use. The coil would need a low profile cover and it was necessary for it to be waterproof. To keep the profile low, Ralph Hashoian of Clinical MR Solutions designed most of the components to be in a remote gateway. He came to LJ Design & Manufacturing to make it waterproof.


We worked with experts in the field of RF welding to create a die that would seal the polyurethane cover and keep it waterproof at the two points where the cables exited the coil. The seal had to withstand sterilization – being immersed in a tank of special solution. Even if it wasn’t necessary to be sterilized the coil still had to hold up to cleaning with liquids and not leak.


The coil has been used in at least 30 procedures without failing, even though the original design was meant to be disposable.