Project Description

Sewing compression garments


A design/manufacturer of custom therapeutic garments for lymphedema and venous disease was ready to expand into standard size products. They needed a partner that was able to provide strict quality controls and meet FDA requirements as a medical device manufacturer. They needed the consistent repeatability necessary with standard size garments. In a very competitive market, price and delivery were of major importance.


Our established ISO compliant quality control system provided them with the documentation needed for a FDA regulated medical device manufacturer. Our automated, programmable sewing capabilities provided the consistency and repeatability necessary for their standard sizes. We had the capacity to produce the volume of product needed when the standard sizes were made available to their distributors. We gave them competitive prices and just-in-time deliveries.


Being able to trust us with the mechanics of manufacturing, our customer was free to concentrate on their strengths of design, marketing and distribution allowing their business to grow exponentially over the past several years.