Do you have an established product that is ready to move to a higher production level or do you have an idea for a new product that requires technical sewing?
A sewing contractor can help increase your product volume and help your company grow.

Where to Start

First, write a summary of your product and processes. Make notes of where you are currently in the manufacturing process. The more detailed the list, the better you will be prepared when meeting with potential manufacturing partners. Do you need help with prototyping and engineering? Patterns? Do you need help sourcing fabric? Do you need specific services or assistance from start to shipping? Write it all down.

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Manufacturers design and engineering teams specialize in product improvement. They can assist with finding suppliers, selecting materials, and tweaking designs for a better final product. They will analyze your product and may suggest improvements to maximize manufacturing efficiencies. Rely on their experience. In addition to helping optimize the design of your product, engineers can create your tooling and equipment programs necessary for production.

Ask potential sewing partners the following: Does the sewing contractor employ in house engineers? Do they utilize AutoCAD and SolidWorks? Are they ISO 9000-Compliant? What control systems are in place? You want to be sure that processes are in place to guarantee your product will be exactly replicated each time you order.

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Does the manufacturer have experience working with your product material? There are many textiles on the market and your contractor should have the technology, sewing machines and expertise working with your fabric to guarantee the highest quality product. Ask to see samples of cutting and stitching. Your supplier will be able to assist with sourcing and finding the best price for your material. Experienced sewing contractors are able to work with a wide variety of fabrics.

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Does the sewing contractor utilize the latest fabric cutting technology? Textile cutting and sewing have advanced and current technology delivers precise cutting with little waste. The manufacturer should offer many types of automated fabric cutting. There are a few methods to cut fabric in an industrial sewing facility.

CNC Fabric Cutting or digital fabric cutting is the most efficient way to maximize material use, maintain precision shape cutting consistency, and minimize turnaround time.

Fabric Die Cutting allows for virtually any shape to be cut with consistency and accuracy. Most textile products can be die cut in stacks, vastly decreasing the time it takes to finish your project.

Hot-Knife & Cold-Knife Cutting offers semi-automatic solutions for cutting webbing, binding material, straps, hook-and-loop (such as VELCRO®), and more, while preventing fraying of the ends.

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Like every other product used in manufacturing, sewing machines have evolved with new technology. When meeting with a potential sewing partner, ask to see their equipment list. You want to be sure that their machines will deliver a high quality, repeatable product every time you place an order.

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If the sewing manufacturer offers assembly services, that is a win for you. Having a skilled mechanical staff who can complete the build of your product using all necessary components; sewn or not, saves you time and money. Depending on volume levels, manufacturers may purchase needed equipment to fulfill your orders and even create dedicated work cells within their facility to manufacture your product.

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Another win for you is to work with a sewing manufacturer who offers order fulfillment, shipping, and warehousing of your product. Your product will be shipped to you or directly to your customer. Warehousing and fulfillment services are a bonus that saves time, needed space within your facility and quality control is guaranteed.

If you take the time to consider all the areas discussed, you will be well on your way to finding the best sewing manufacturer for your product.

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