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Automated Fabric Cutting

Fast and efficient

Automatic fabric cutting minimizes material waste and labor, saving you time and money.


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nested cut stack of fabric

A Cut Above the Rest

Also known as CNC fabric cutting, programmable fabric cutting services maximize material yield by using an algorithm to nest (arrange) many of the same shape, or several different shapes on the raw material size.

Maximizing the fabric yield while also cutting a multi-ply stack is a sure way to save on fabric cutting costs.

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Automatic Fabric Cutting Features


Wide Load

Easily accommodates standard fabric roll sizes.

We can accommodate roll or sheet widths up to 88-inches.


Interior Cutouts

In addition to perfecting the overall shape of your material, we can also execute intricate interior cutouts.

We'll help decide the best cutting plan for your project!


Marking Methods

While cutting, we can also drill two different hole sizes and make notches in your material.

This is great for marking locations or prepping for grommets, snaps, or cinches / folds!

We're ready to help

Whether you need cutting services included with your larger cut & sew manufacturing project, or you simply need some textile material cut, automated fabric cutting is a great option


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