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Custom Fabric Cutting

Textile Cutting Services

Whether your organization requires complete cut and sew services or only our material cutting service, LJ Design & Manufacturing offers several options for your fabric cutting needs.

Automated fabric cutting for technical textile projects

Our production experts can evaluate the full scope of your project and recommend the most appropriate fabric cutting method.




nested cut stack

Automated Fabric Cutting

Also known as CNC Fabric Cutting or Digital Fabric Cutting, this method of textile cutting is the most efficient way to maximize material use, maintain precision shape cutting consistency, and minimize turnaround time. All of which save your company time and money.

More Auto Fabric Cutting Details

Die Cutting

We have a variety of flatbed die cutting machines to get your textile pieces cut in the most efficient way possible. We can use your existing dies, or our engineering team can create the dies you need.

More About Die Cutting

Die Cut Fabric Pieces - stacked

Hot-Knife & Cold-Knife Cutting

Great semi-automatic solutions for cutting webbing, binding material, straps, hook-and-loop (such as VELCRO®), and more, while preventing fraying of the ends.

Our experts will consider the materials, complexity, budget, and more to determine the best method for your project.

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