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Custom Product Design

Product DESIGNERS to HELP with Any Stage of Your organization's custom Project


Decades of product design experience means we can assist your company at the earliest stages of a project. Bring us the seeds of your organization's idea and we'll help grow them into professional CAD drawings, prototypes, and/or full production runs.


 Already have A design?

Sometimes a finished design looks great on paper, but it's difficult to achieve in real-world production. We can help select materials, manufacturing methods, and designs to meet your company's quality, durability, and cost standards. 


Already have drawings?

We'll use them to expedite the pattern process for prototypes, and make sure to update them with any last-minute changes. Choosing materials that are perfect for a product's function and budget can be overwhelming, especially given our huge selection. To help, we can make design suggestions which simplify production, improve product performance, or better align with manufacturing budgets.


Already have a sample product?

Even if the above steps are complete and there is already a prototype from another manufacturer, we can still explore options. Our design and engineering team specializes in product improvement. Finding better suppliers, selecting better materials, and tweaking designs for a better final product. These are a few of our favorite things.


Proven Design & Engineering Success

The variety of items we've been trusted to help design over the years is enormous, and too big to list. We've engineered the incorporation of circuit boards into flexible fabric packaging, improved the aesthetics of patient positioning pads, and helped design a planetarium to help students see the stars. 

More Example of Products We've Designed or Improved:

  • Therapeutic Compression Wraps and Sleeves
  • Ultrasound Machine Covers
  • Warehouse Divider Curtains
  • Exhaust Hood Curtains
  • Cable Wraps
  • Flexible MRI Coil Packaging
  • Sales Team Sample Cases
  • MRI and X-ray Table Pads
  • Equipment and Vehicle Covers
  • Oxygen Bottle Bags
  • Holsters
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