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Custom Product Sewing

Custom Industrial Sewing Contractor

LJ Design & Manufacturing is a full service resource for custom sewing for industrial, medical and commercial companies. Based in Brookfield WI, USA, we provide quality sewing, cutting and fulfillment services. 

We work with customers who create custom sewn products for healthcare, transportation, advertising, recreation, agriculture, athletics, and many more industries.

Let us take your sewn product to the next level. We can assist your company with design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of your product in a timely and efficient manner. 

Check out a sampling of our custom sewing projects:


Some Assembly Required?

We can also work with plastics, metals, and other hardware to complete the production and assembly of your product. Check out a robust list of our contract sewing services and materials, or click below if you're ready to get started on your project.


Start My Custom Sewing Project

Case Study - Sealed MRI Coil