Industrial curtain walls are a great way to divide large spaces or contain specific processes. They cost significantly less than constructed walls and can be made for permanent or temporary purposes.

Plus, curtain walls can be made from just about any material to suit your needs. Whether you require heat resistance, particle containment, windows, doors, or more, we can design the perfect curtain for your space and usage.


Using durable heat-resistant material, we can create custom barriers to separate your welding processes from surrounding areas. Whether you need moveable welding partitions or floor-to-ceiling welding curtain walls, we can help protect your space.


When flexibility is vital for your space, curtains on tracks are the perfect solution.

Prevalent throughout the healthcare industry, tracked curtains are also commonly used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities for temperature control and material handling. Available in just about any material and length, curtains on tracks are tailor-made to your specifications.

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