Once your product’s design is finalized and approved by you, our engineering team will release it to the production floor. This means it will need our textile cutting services before it is ready to be sewn.

We know that every fabric and every project is unique. That’s why we provide a range of fabric cutting services. Depending on the needs of your product, we may use our CNC programmable cutting machine, which allows us to cleanly cut complex shapes. Or your project may be suited to one of our many die presses. We also have semiautomatic hot-knife and cold-knife cutting for hook and loop, webbings, bindings, and similar items.


It goes by many names: CNC textile cutting, digital fabric cutting, programmable cutting, or computer-controlled cutting, but we call it a great customer benefit. Our CNC programmable cutting machine is programmed by our engineers to cut your job with laser precision. And by “laser precision” we actually mean that the machine uses lasers to cut your job. Our CNC fabric cutting service is an automated process that increases efficiency and consistency and reduces material waste. The net result is quicker turnaround times for increased ROI.


Sometimes, a die press is a better fit for your job’s specifications, which is why we have in-house die cutting services. We have a variety of flatbed presses that can use your existing dies, or our engineering team can design custom dies. Our presses are a particularly good fit for natural textiles, such as leathers. Nesting shapes will work for extra time savings in the manufacturing process or for extra thick materials.


Details matter. The extras on your product, such as the webbing, binding, straps, hook-and-loop (such as VELCRO®), and more, are all details that are critical to the success of your project. Our hot knife and cold knife semiautomatic cutting machines are the ideal way to cut these types of materials quickly and precisely all while preventing fraying of the ends.

Determining the Best Method for Your Project

As part of the initial discovery phase, our engineering team will evaluate your project requirements and material specifications to determine what type of equipment will best fit the job. Our expertise in evaluating the ideal manufacturing techniques for each of the many unique products we see is one of the things that we do best.

Why Partner with Us?

When choosing LJ Design & Manufacturing, you can trust that we’re critically considering each element of your product. Our engineering team will develop a solid manufacturing plan that includes everything from sourcing to textile cutting services to sewing, packaging, and final shipping.

Our approach is simple and professional; we listen to our clients and handle projects with the utmost precision and care. We understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency in all we do, making us the ideal partner for clients who value attention to detail and rapid delivery.

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