Erin Foley

Erin Foley

Customer Service Manager

Year started


What do you do on an average day

I do a variety of things all customer-related. The shortlist includes order entry, quoting/estimating, quality, troubleshooting/problem solving and help in project management.

Past experience

I have worked at LJ Design & Manufacturing since I graduated college. I started part time in December to help out with inventory and count findings (weigh measuring and tagging). Then I worked in the shop adding slides to zippers, marking lines for cutting and doing die cuts on our old press. One day, Rachel asked if I was interested in a full time position as an office assistant and the rest was history.

Favorite memory

So fun memories to choose from! Funny ones were when Dean gave Rachel the call to officially move the administrative offices to our current location. Rachel, Kari, Heidi, Becca and I all packed up at lightning speed!! We were the last to move in!

Almost getting stuck in elevators from our downtown facility couple of times.

Watching the blue angels from the roof from our downtown location.

Last year’s Christmas party was lots of fun!

Fun fact about you

I enjoy playing volleyball in my spare time. I am a lifetime Blockhead (aka a fan of New Kids on the Block).  Coffee enthusiast.


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