Rachel Bares

Rachel Bares

Senior Vice President

Year started

1978, as an order clerk.

What do you do on an average day

I do mostly sales, quoting and project management for our medical clients. I also do some purchasing, serve as the 401k trustee and oversee Human Resources.

Past experience

Prior to 1978 I was a student working part time in the grocery business and summers full time as a bookkeeper. I am a Wisconsin certified Level 3 Property Assessor and have my real estate broker’s license.

Favorite memory

I remember when we moved our offices from the first floor retail to the third floor manufacturing at the downtown location.

Fun fact

I was thrilled to get a job at Laacke & Joys (LJ Design & Manufacutruing’s parent company) because my boyfriend (now husband) and I were avid skiers. We loved using all the best equipment we couldn’t otherwise afford.

It worked to our advantage when we had our son and daughter too. Callie always had the latest ski fashions and Kyle got his snowboard. We no longer ski. We are just trying to keep up with our kids and grandkids now! Life moves so fast!


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