Custom Bags for Emergency Transport

They look like any other bag on the market, but the bags are designed for a very specific function. The bags are attached to gurneys inside Flight for Life helicopters. The catch is that a variety of gurneys are used and each gurney manufacturer has different specs.

Our engineers worked with the customer to design specific pockets and custom foam inserts to securely hold the necessary equipment to meet the requirements of each gurney type. The result was the successful production of each bag type to carry on its important, life-saving mission.

We thrive on unique projects like this. We specialize in B2B industrial and medical sewing. We have sewn products that include simple straps to complex MRI coils. The more complex, the better. Our engineers love a challenge.

Reach out and contact us to be the next to challenge our engineers.


LJ Design & Manufacturing manufactures medical bags. We design and engineer to your custom specs.