LJ Design & Manufacturing is a technical contract sewing manufacturer located in Milwaukee, WI, USA. We work closely with customers to bring their soft sewn products to market. While we specialize in creating products for the medical industry, we also partner with industrial customers in fields such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

Our efficient, personalized service is one that off-shore suppliers lack. Often, customers come to us with the goal of reshoring their product’s manufacturing. They know that the collaboration, expertise, and precise attention to detail that comes from being made in the USA will give them a competitive edge.

We specialize in tricky and complex projects. The combination of our in-house engineering expertise and skilled production staff allows us to bring projects to scalable mass production in the most efficient way possible. This makes us the best choice when your company needs contract sewing services.

We believe in creating lasting partnerships with our customers. Many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years—even 20 years. We know our customers and their businesses. Your success is our success.

LJ Design & Manufacturing has nearly two centuries worth of experience in technical soft sewn products. Our long tenure in the industry also means we’ve seen it all and we’re able to leverage this experience to your benefit. With a wide range of contract sewing services, we have the flexibility to tackle the most complex of sewn products.

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How to Select a Sewing Contractor Partner?

When you need highly technical industrial or commercial sewing services, the manufacturer you choose can make a big difference in the quality and speed of your production process. A skilled contract sewing manufacturer can help you design and manufacture products to meet your exact specifications.

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While we work with on a wide variety of custom sewn products, we do not work with apparel or homegoods products.

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