What To Look for When Choosing Medical Textiles

Medical textiles are more than just fabrics; they are integral components of medical devices and ultimately healthcare environments. Manufacturers designed them to meet stringent standards and regulations. The right textiles can significantly reduce the risk of infections, provide barrier protection, and offer durability under rigorous laundering processes. Medical textiles now [...]

5 Tips for Developing Medical Wearable Devices

Medical wearable devices stand at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology. They offer innovative solutions to handle and manage different situations in a medical environment. These wearables promise to revolutionize patient care and empower healthcare providers to participate in health management. However, developing functional and user-friendly [...]

Advantages of Partnering with a Technical Contract Manufacturer

In today's rapidly evolving world of manufacturing, businesses are perpetually on the lookout for dynamic strategies that enhance operational efficiencies and strengthen their position in the market while managing costs. Staying ahead in technology, quality, and market trends demands not just agility but also an innovative approach toward production methodologies. [...]

Concept Seating Chairs for 24/7 Use

Did you know we manufacture Concept Seating Chairs? That's right, Concept Seating chairs are manufactured here at LJ Design & Manufacturing. Our parent company, Laacke and Joys Company LLC purchased Concept Seating, Inc. in 2012. And these highly engineered chairs have continued to lead the way as a market leader [...]

Custom Sewing Product Highlight

Can you guess what this prototype will be? HINT: You can watch the stars inside. The LJ Design & Manufacturing engineering team is currently working on a planetarium project! The photo shows the prototype of the planetarium. The planetarium will be used in a museum and we will manufacture [...]


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