OEM Contract Sewing

Experts in Original Equipment Manufacturing and Industrial Contract Sewing

We'd love nothing more than to be the OEM for your company's custom-sewn product. From start to finish, OEM contract sewing is where we truly shine.

From helping to design a prototype, all the way through order fulfillment, we can partner with your organization at any stage of the contract sewing process. We offer the quick, personalized service off-shore suppliers lack, along with the resources and expertise to give you competitive pricing.

Our in-house design and engineering capabilities, coupled with our expertise in selecting and sourcing appropriate materials, make us the best choice when your company need an OEM contract sewing partner.

Most of our OEM sewing clients request confidentiality, so we're not able to brag about the majority of our best-in-class contract sewing work. Below is just a small sampling, but we can demonstrate more while we discuss your organization's OEM sewing project.

 Full-service Sewing Contractor

In addition to designing, engineering, and sewing, we can work with plastics, metals, and other hardware to complete the production and assembly of your product. Check out a robust list of our contract sewing services and materials, or click below if you're ready to get your OEM sewing project started.


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